These are the original posters created for the " Change 10, It's in Our Hands" campaign, in an attempt to create awareness on how simple daily routines can be modified to help the environment and partially counter some of the effects of climate change. 

Basic elements to consider are: water conservation, deforestation, energy and education. This campaign could be easily enhanced and publicly distributed in oder to reach schools of all levels, and start developing awareness in the kids, the little guys that will eventually suffer more from the impact of what is going on today.

The US corporate structure is not doing enough to protect the environment, as the main goal is protect their profits, but this attitude can't go on indefinitely, this will eventually have to change.

We hope creative people from all countries decide to take on this initiative, or just any other creative campaing of their own, in order to facilitate the educational process and changes of attitudes so necessary these days.


The unfortunate outbreak of the Water Wars

The beginning of the Water Wars is just terrible news. Long time forecasted in our "Change 10" Campaign, it is becoming a horrible reality:

It is sad to report that we are watching the unfolding of the Wars created by the loss of drinkable water in several regions of the planet, but very specially in Africa.

The ongoing tragedy is the subject of photographer Evan Abramson’s recent project called “When the Water Ends: Africa’s Climate Conflicts.

The tribes near the border between Kenya and Ethiopia are fighting to keep control of a lake that is slowly dying away due to climate changes affecting it's water reserves. Scarcity in it's worst outlook.

Water Wars Due to Climate Change

This is just the beginning of a serious process that has to be evaluated very seriously, and acted upon, not only by governments and NGO's  but also by the individuals in every society, specially those "modern, civilized, industrialized" societies that waste so much of precious resource.

It's time for Change 10.

Jorge Parra



Ecommunities Exhibition in Winwood Arts District and Change 10

Last Gallery walk in Winwood Art District was the ideal set up to launch the official disclosure of The Change 10 Project by fashion and fine art photographer Jorge Parra, a series of posters to create awareness on environmental issues and suggestions for simple solutions that every person can actually do, to effect change in an effort to restore balance to nature.The Eco-mmunities, a fantastic Contemporary Art installation of mannequins and photography brought out the talent of artists Luis Valenzuela and Alexis Rodriguez, of Green Art USA, who made fascinating couture dresses with trash and recyclable materials, often considered plain junk, dressing mannequins that were already thrown away to the trash by large retail stores, and the stylish look of the installation easily reminded us of european couture ateliers.The "Change 10 Project" is based on a simple premise:Did you know that by using just 10 points less or doing a mere 10 points more you can do your part in making this a better planet for you, your children and the generations to follow?The "Change 10 Project" is an awareness creative process and a call to action.You can make a difference to our global warming issues, deforestation, food and water shortages, promote renewable energy, and assist humanitarian charities through simple , yet effective small changes in habits and daily routines, however, our basic line of comfort is not compromised by these simple changes in attitudes and actions.Spread the word, take action. It's in our handsThe bottomline concept is to turn this into a viral campaign, so other photographers, copywriters and artists engage into preparing more and varied set of posters with more messages with the same, simple style, so the message gets accross and is distributed massively.



Part of our Planet can easily order a meal in 10 minutes, where other parts some unfortunate person may have to wait 10 hours, 10 weeks ,10 months and perhaps never, to experience a balanced meal. Is this fair?
If all of us gave just 10 percent more this year, volunteered 10 percent more time we could help feed the world better than we do now.

You can make a difference; find a charity do your part.


10 Things you can do....


10 easy things that you can do to help save the planet….

1) Study and get informed
2) Recycle
3) Don’t waste water
4) Cut your heat and cooling needs
5) Car pool, take mass transport, walk, tune up your car, and buy hybrids.
6) Use alternative renewable energy like wind and solar where possible
7) When not being used switch of lights and electronics.
8) Plant a tree
9Volunteer and support the many organizations protecting this planet
10) Call your politicians to support green energy.

And of course….pass this message on 10 times.

Change 10
Changing the world by the way we think



We can all do our part to make this a better planet.
Get informed; take at least 10 minutes a day to read up on all the good work and info that is online.
Just enter ‘how to save the environment” in your favorite search engine….you will be amazed at what comes up….
Join a charity or organisation having aims to save or feed our planet.
Volunteer more.
Just 10 minutes a day, or 10 percent more that’s all we ask….you can make a difference..
Imagine if everyone gave just a little more time or money we could solve so much!!!!

Change 10
Changing the Planet by the way we think.
Little things can make a difference.



Help our planet to be healthy. Save our natural resources. Help promote clean energy and stop the planets addiction to oil. Support the use of wind and solar energy. Call and/or write your Political Representative at least 10 times in the next year and demand more Government investment in alternative and green renewable energy. Lead initiatives in your home and company to conserve conventional energy by at least 10% and the use of alternative energy by at least 10 percent over the next year.
You can make a difference to our planet and your country.
Support the aim of such plans as the Pickens Plan, the objectives of the Green Art Fair.

Change 10
Changing the Planet by the way we think


While many on this planet are facing starvation a great percentage of us waste so much food by over ordering, choosing jumbo sizes and planning to large meals. Restaurants continue to cater to our overblown appetites by serving oversized portions Many on the planet are mere skin and bones barely surviving, contrasting with others who are dangerously obese.
Start by eating and cooking 10 percent less, order 10 percent less. Get your restaurant to support Change 10 and start offering 10 percent smaller portion sizes. Share our food with the rest of the world.
Support such great campaigns as Red Cross and the One campaign by giving 10 percent more to help feed the Planet. Get healthy and help feed the Planet at the same time.

Why change 10

Did you know that by using just 10 percent less of some resources or doing a mere 10 percent more focused activities you can do your part in making this a better planet for you, your children and the generations to follow?

 The Change10 campaign is an awareness initiative and a call to action. You can make a difference to our global warming issues, health/ obesity concerns, depleted forests, food shortages, renewable energy growth, clean water, green initiatives, our children, housing, charities and volunteer work with just a little more effort on your part. This same 10 percent effort can actually save lives.

Change 10 uses the photography and video mediums to help get the message across, taking inspiration from those early 19th century “abstract artists: whose work reflected the social and intellectual turmoil of their time.

 Our planet is at a crossroads…let us make it a better place, we simply ask you to get more involved….make getting to 10 your number….

Contact us, spread the word