Why change 10

Did you know that by using just 10 percent less of some resources or doing a mere 10 percent more focused activities you can do your part in making this a better planet for you, your children and the generations to follow?

 The Change10 campaign is an awareness initiative and a call to action. You can make a difference to our global warming issues, health/ obesity concerns, depleted forests, food shortages, renewable energy growth, clean water, green initiatives, our children, housing, charities and volunteer work with just a little more effort on your part. This same 10 percent effort can actually save lives.

Change 10 uses the photography and video mediums to help get the message across, taking inspiration from those early 19th century “abstract artists: whose work reflected the social and intellectual turmoil of their time.

 Our planet is at a crossroads…let us make it a better place, we simply ask you to get more involved….make getting to 10 your number….

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