The unfortunate outbreak of the Water Wars

The beginning of the Water Wars is just terrible news. Long time forecasted in our "Change 10" Campaign, it is becoming a horrible reality:

It is sad to report that we are watching the unfolding of the Wars created by the loss of drinkable water in several regions of the planet, but very specially in Africa.

The ongoing tragedy is the subject of photographer Evan Abramson’s recent project called “When the Water Ends: Africa’s Climate Conflicts.

The tribes near the border between Kenya and Ethiopia are fighting to keep control of a lake that is slowly dying away due to climate changes affecting it's water reserves. Scarcity in it's worst outlook.

Water Wars Due to Climate Change

This is just the beginning of a serious process that has to be evaluated very seriously, and acted upon, not only by governments and NGO's  but also by the individuals in every society, specially those "modern, civilized, industrialized" societies that waste so much of precious resource.

It's time for Change 10.

Jorge Parra


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