These are the original posters created for the " Change 10, It's in Our Hands" campaign, in an attempt to create awareness on how simple daily routines can be modified to help the environment and partially counter some of the effects of climate change. 

Basic elements to consider are: water conservation, deforestation, energy and education. This campaign could be easily enhanced and publicly distributed in oder to reach schools of all levels, and start developing awareness in the kids, the little guys that will eventually suffer more from the impact of what is going on today.

The US corporate structure is not doing enough to protect the environment, as the main goal is protect their profits, but this attitude can't go on indefinitely, this will eventually have to change.

We hope creative people from all countries decide to take on this initiative, or just any other creative campaing of their own, in order to facilitate the educational process and changes of attitudes so necessary these days.

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